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Dreaming of Mondays

According to sites like most about 43% of Americans nationwide want to be out of the workforce and into an entrepreneur style life. Most people see the perks yet fail to see the sacrifice. It is not uncommon when out and about in downtown Seattle to hear the skinny on what some deem as their dreams and how they plan on executing them….

Things to see in Zambia

A Very Hoyle Zambezi


The plan was simple, explore. Go where the world is untouched yet preserved to perfection. We searched high and low for something in which spoke to our existence. A transcendent escape to a journey unbeknownst to not only my native self, but also my Mikey. This would be his first excursion to Zambia….

Seattle, WA
His & Hers Summer Looks - Walmart Fashion Favorites


A record-breaking heat wave has hit us here in Seattle this weekend and let me be the first to tell you we surfed the wave in style during all of it. Feeling the breeze as much as possible, my hubby and I enjoyed time on our rooftop listening to an 8-person band while the sun went down creating a perfect orange sunset – it was perfect….


New Beginnings 2021

Wow, we somehow maneuvered our way through last year. I must say we did our best to keep the inspiration alive through some hot looks. January means new beginnings. New goals, and better yet, new outfits!

Mikey and I decided to treat ourselves to a Nordstrom walk to celebrate enduring such a ferocious years end….

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Feeling a little festive with my hubby today. We decided to go check out a local co-op to get a holiday wreath for our door. As the temperatures are falling, I made sure to update my warm weekend wardrobe options. There are so many gifts right now at Walmart to choose from….

I am not really sure about what everyone else does during the holidays, but I absolutely love seeing all the new warm wear that comes out. This year I decided to swing into Nordstrom and go a little risky with pairing a chunky red turtleneck with a cute silky green skirt….