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2 Goorin Bros. Hats You Need for Spring & Summer 2019

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Take me back to 2015 when I first came into a Goorin Brothers. I paused; I knew what I was feeling. It was inspiration. I was in the presence of quality craftsmanship. Having a husband who has an affinity for hats is only the beginning of this journey. Michael brought me into this world of hatters. As a modern-day milliner myself, I have found that I can no longer entertain the display of poorly crafted product. This leads me to my first introduction to the Trumpet Blues. 

A statement was being made when I saw Michael first come home with his Black London Sparkle. His confidence while topped in this hat gave him the resemblance of a skilled Gaúcho. Minus the Amish looking beard he exhibits. I knew I needed my own. Fast forward a couple months and I wad the proud owner of not only one but three of my very own. Goorin hats evoke an energy. They spur excitement, the intention is well received no matter the occasion. 

My spring go to is the KAI KAI. It has a more contemporary look but radiates is quality through its handwoven features. On full rotation this Spring and Summer. The Wild Wood is the hit the ground running choice for Michael when a spontaneous invite is offered. Its stiffened flat brim sets a casual but sophisticated entrance.

This type of haute couture bespeaks to a person whom understands the importance of making the right impression. Goorin has been crafting this type of bold headwear for over a hundred years. The choices are infinite, and the selections are plenty. Experience the bliss of Goorin, you’re sure to be delighted. Stay tuned for my next hatter adventure. What hats are you wearing?

Shop My Looks:

Kai Kai Hat: Here 

Wild Wood Hat: Here

White Slide Sandals: Here

Pink Slide Sandals: Here, Here or Here

White Crop Top: Here

Palma Leaves Wide-Leg Pants: Here

Bamboo Bag: Here

Flounced Dress: Here

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xoxo,Frilancy Hoyle
  1. DLD

    The pants are super hot. Love the look.