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26 Things About My Wife That I Am Thankful For

Today my wife has been on this earth 9,490 days. And I am proud to say I have been able to be here for close to 1,000 of those days. She has changed my life in more ways than I can explain. But here are 26 things I think of when being thankful for her existence.

The first think that comes to mind is her memory (1). She has an inherent ability to remember all things with clarity. It really is an asset when coming to a man like myself. It really helps well it comes to our busy schedules. Her ambition (2) is another attribute that I admire. She is hell-bent on any venture she pursues. The way she delegates (3) is something to crow about, she can take any situation or event we are part of and completely make the flow and operations go smoothly for all parties involved.

The way she loves (4) is unimaginable, it is the rarest form of affection (5) I have ever had. She knows how to make me feel like the most beautiful person in the world. Her voice (6) is so beautiful and makes my heart just slow down and relax. Her singing (7) in the car or shower fills my soul with so much happiness because you can tell she loves to sing. Her outlook (8) on life is unique, her persistence (9) at completing any challenge is perplexing.

The patience (10) she has when it comes to many different circumstances is refreshing. She is open-minded (11) exudes such an honest (12) way of living, and her willingness (13) to help anyone is absolutely selfless.

She smells so amazing, her scent (14) is intoxicating. The way she dresses. Her style (15) is unlike most woman I have ever met. She genuinely cares about how she puts together an outfit for every occasion. The way she cares about my needs when it comes to being styled is amazing also. (15)

Her kisses (16) have to be one of my favorite things. Her butt (17) is absolutely stunning. The feeling we have when together is electric, the experience is one of a fantasy. (18)

I cannot forget her cooking (19) is a mouth-watering excursion to a magical place. The respect (20) she has for me and my endeavors. The direct support (21) she provides on a daily basis is unconditional.

The way she laughs (22) makes it feel like I am a little kid. The pillow-talk (23) that happens and how we plan out our lives and dreams together. The way her body moves (24) when a good song comes on. Her acceptance (25) of all walks without question. Her trust (26) that our future is going to be created in the most beautiful light by our equal input and outlook to create a beautiful world for our family and change more than just our own worlds.

There are many things I can list about my wife that I adore, here are just 26 short things I am thankful for.

Photographer: Steve Korn 

Gown: Dream Dresses By PMN

xoxo,Frilancy Hoyle