A Story Through Scars

Over time, your heart weakens and cannot do its job and you can develop heart failure. This is something I have to live with for the rest of my life. I am very limited to things that I can do and eat. However, I live a pretty amazing badass life with my conditions. I have an amazing team at The University of Washington medical center here in Seattle, Washington. I have a checkup every six months. I always have people tell me they find it funny that I share a lot about fashion but don’t speak much on my health. Maybe by me sharing this I might help one of you out there whom maybe struggling with a personal health ailment themselves.
Today Mikey and I shot some spring looks. I am here on my computer editing my photos and I noticed with our new lens that in 98% of my pictures you can now clearly see my scars from my surgeries over the years. I have always been insecure about the scars. Ever since I was young, I would wear tank tops under my shirts to make sure my scares were hidden. I disliked when people noticed them and would ask questions. This was my way of avoiding the conversation. I got these scars due to my condition and trying desperately to find a solution without any relief in sight.  It has taken me a long time to accept my scars and to be comfortable with exposing them to the world. The credit goes to my Mikey, who has helped me to see the beauty in my scars and the spectacular journey that can be translated through them. I have come a long way. Looking back even a year ago I would not have dared posting these photos. I remember our friend and photographer  Steve Korn taking our save the date pictures and I told him to photoshop my scares. Instantly he and Mikey through up resistance and did not want it photoshopped, but they respected my wish. Now I am at a place where I see what they saw. Such an amazing place to be at in my life.  Everyone in this world is battling something that nobody knows about, and everyone has scars that tell a beautiful story, but sometimes it isn’t that easy to share. I hope one day you will be able to share your scars with someone because they are beautiful just like the person that carries them.

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Photographer: Michael Hoyle 

xoxo,Frilancy Hoyle