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A Very Hoyle Zambezi


The plan was simple, explore. Go where the world is untouched yet preserved to perfection. We searched high and low for something in which spoke to our existence. A transcendent escape to a journey unbeknownst to not only my native self, but also my Mikey. This would be his first excursion to Zambia.

Surpassing our first trip to the continent of Africa, back in 2020 we journeyed to Senegal. But I digress.

The morning was hot. We awoke at our current stay in the heart of the capital of Zambia, Lusaka. It is still hot during the end of November into December. It was around 89 degrees; I was awakened to my brother Ray calling our driver. “We need to be on The Royal Air Charter at 1330 sharp!”, he exclaimed. We were so fortunate to have someone like my brother with us.

The Royal Air is the absolute best choice when flying domestically around Zambia. They have flights to some of the best places for the best price.

The aircrafts, staff, and bookings were all done with ease and no hassle. I was so happy to not experience some nightmares like I have before. We arrived ahead of time to airport, it did not take long for us to get checked in and our bags loaded. Takeoff was impeccable and we were off to our journey’s end.

The Royal Zambezi! Let me say this again friends, THE ROYAL ZAMBEZI! When I travel, I never pack light, and let me tell you. The plane was heavy. We started our descend upon this little encampment on the edge of one of the most breathtaking river views I have ever seen.

The Zambezi River is an absolute utopia of rivers, especially from an aerial view. The fourth largest in all of Africa. As we touched down on the tarmac, I could see two Toyota Defenders convoy up the right side of the strip. Greeted by our driver and soon to be African aficionado. Victor was an absolute delight to have as a direct source to the area. A very knowledgeable and kind man.

A short drive to a stunning entrance which led down a path of stairs to a beautiful entrance which was supported by an eye-popping view that unfolded the great Zambezi River. In all its glory, flowing peacefully underneath the most gorgeous late afternoon sun. Shortly thereafter we. were greeted by some other staff and escorted to what would become our home. for the next couple days.

SIPOLILO was the name of our Presidential Suite, and it was made for living. Let me tell you. “BOOK THIS ROOM NOW”. You will never experience a trip like this. It is an absolute thriller then entire stay. From the walk-in pool to the outdoor copper bathtubs…I cannot begin to convince anyone who is looking to just completely check out and reboot their entire existence, you need to put this on your next vacation spot.  We enjoyed incredible food day and night. The menu was spectacular each meal. They offered a wide variety of mouthwatering breakfasts, lunch, and dinners.

The entire lodge upkeeps the hospitality with the most remarkable etiquette day in and day out. This even trickles down to the conservation aspects of the accommodations. The guides are an absolute wonder. Maintaining safe distances and beyond life views of the wild animals. We were only mere feet from elephants, drove right next to the King of the wild. The African lions, and witnesses so many other wild animals.

We did a couple game drives, there is always something new and exciting to see. The ability to get some good photos and learn from their educated and highly sophisticated tour guides is something I will never forget.

The game drives and river cruises are something nobody should miss in this life. It will leave you mesmerized.

The on-site masseuse is something all should book. The Royal Zambezi Bush spa is a panoramic view while being treated to a complete rebalance. It is one of those things straight out of a movie scene.

Therapeutic is an understatement. Local birds and sounds of the hippos making their way around the river is a soundscape like you’ve never heard.

There is an unsurmountable amount of emotion that you will experience in a place like this. I do not want to spoil all the secrets, but I will tell you.  It is hard to get this type of luxury experience all in one place. What you are waiting for. Book you next trip with the Royal. Zambezi.


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See you on the next journey, xo – Fri

xoxo,Frilancy Hoyle