Meet Frilancy Hoyle

Salutations everyone! My name is Frilancy and I am self-made fashion stylist and professional blogger. Wife to an incredible and loving man, sister of three siblings. Daughter to the most beautiful Mother in the world. I was Born in Zambia, Africa and lived there for the first nine years of my life eventually being transplanted to Berrien Springs, Michigan at the young age of nine. I was completely astounded with the cultural difference. Soon I began to make friends. We would shop and go out and browse the local malls. Fashion became a lifestyle. I could imagine an outfit in my head. I would look at people and mentally style them before picking out a wardrobe. Knowing which selections would best highlight their attributes.

Creativity has always been a constant in my life. Originally developing my understanding and passion while in High school but ultimately knowing this was my true calling in life. Fast forward years later and I still wake up every day feeling like I breathe fashion. I’ve immersed myself into the quality, luxury and integrity of clothing. I had a lot of other expectations being the first daughter born in a very traditional and obedient family. I didn’t hit the ground running into my love for fashion right after graduation. I went to college to pursue dentistry. This was not my dream. I knew after a couple years in school that I would never be satisfied unless I was doing what I truly love.

Friscloset is sophisticated, modest, flirty and sometimes a little daring, but never too revealing. My inspiration for my new line Rabbecca Onasisis derived from my experiences and personal admiration for my Grandmother and her love and talent in luxury clothing. I travel to the shows to keep a keen eye on trending styles so that I can interpret and allow my own creations to appeal to my clients. This journey has only been made possible to all my loyal clients, family and friends. We are excited for the future and have a lot of stuff planned to launch. Don’t miss a moment, check out my newsletter: here for all our new adventures and products.

xoxo,Frilancy Hoyle