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Boutique or Custom Wedding Dress?

Now that I have found the perfect dress for my bridesmaids, its time to find my perfect wedding dress. To my previous brides and brides to be did you buy your wedding dress at a boutique or had it custom made?

I would love to hear your decisions. I personally decided to have my wedding dress customized. Like I mentioned in my previous post ” I am a bride who knows what she wants”. My friend Kate and I made two trips to Portland this past spring shopping for my wedding dress. I decided to check out wedding dresses in Portland because they don’t have taxes.


When you are planning a wedding every penny counts. Plus I wasn’t much impressed with bridal boutiques here in Seattle. I set up my first bridal appointment in Portland at The White Dress Portland. As soon as Kate and I entered the boutique we were welcomed with champagne. The boutique was absolutely stunning. Kate was like ” Oh Fri you will definitely find a dress here, this place is totally your style”.

Our bridal stylist was Felisha. She had my private bridal suite all set and ready for me. Felisha asked me a few questions on what style of dress I was looking for. I showed her a few pictures of wedding dresses I had saved in my phone. She was very confident that she was going to help me find the perfect wedding dress for me. Felisha let Kate and I pick a few dresses from the boutique for me to try on and she also picked other wedding dresses she thought would look great on me. I tried on all the dresses and none them worked for me. Kate and I explained to Felisha my style and how fabulous I want to look on my wedding day. She was determined to find me the dress.

Everything she picked wasn’t my style. She even had me a try on a dirty dress that was used for a photoshoot couple days before and wasn’t even dry cleaned. I don’t think she truly understood what I was looking for. She finally gave up and pulled out her Ipad and started showing me wedding dresses from the boutiques instagram page. I liked one dress from the page and I asked her to try it on, she told me the dress wasn’t in store and that I would have to wait to try it on until the dress was in store. I didn’t have a problem with it. Felisha told me she would call me the following day to let me know when the dress will be in store and set up another appointment with me.

My appointment was April 1st and today is October 16th and still I haven’t heard anything from Felisha or other boutique stuff. Super unprofessional and I wouldn’t want to buy a dress from a company that doesn’t respect or care about their customers.

Thank God, one of Kate’s friends in Portland told us about another bridal boutique just a block aways from The White Dresses Portland called Ania Bridal . The ladies at Ania Bridal were absolutely fabulous to work with. Kate and I enjoyed taking over their boutique. So many gorgeous dresses and I still didn’t find my dream wedding dress.

After trying on so many wedding dresses and thinking of hundred other brides wearing the same dress as me. I was over it. I told myself thats it, you are going to customize your dream wedding dress and thats exactly what I am doing. I couldn’t be more happier with my decision. Sadly you lovely dolls have to wait until next year to see my wedding dress.

Necklace: Namiko Layden-Nakamura 

Dress: Lisa Marie

Shoes: Steve Madden

Photographer: Michelle Terries 

xoxo,Frilancy Hoyle
  1. Gugu Greene

    Hi My Love. Its Anna-Kay from the east coast. Tell me where to purchase those fall tights and grey jacket! Love it!

    • frilancy

      Hey love,
      that grey jacket is actually a dress. I got it from Visette Boutique Ask for Visal Sam and tell her Frilancy sent you. She is the owner of the boutique. Believe it or not I got those black tights from target <3

  2. Sophia

    Try, they’re an online custom wedding dress company. No more appointments, just get straight to the point- your dream gown.
    All the best! Can’t wait to see what you pick!