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Brew Dr. Kombucha

I don’t usually take into much consideration about the stuff Michael brings home, especially when it comes to his rendition of healthy. But let me be the first to exclaim my love for Kombucha. Brew Dr. Kombucha has completely changed the way I view Organic drinks.

This company I trust because they stand behind their product. I am a huge organic consumer and Townshend’s TEA COMPANY is the creator of this spectacular breed of raw and authentic blend of ingredients.  The final product is what I prefer. My personal favorite is the LOVE flavor. It has this amazing tea blend and you can seriously feel the rewards after drinking it! The focus and clarity that comes from it is the difference for me. I choose the best for my body. The health benefits from this Kombucha is exactly why I respect the choices Brew Dr. Kombucha uses in their process of making their brand. And to boot, they are a company for the betterment of our planet. They donate 1% of the proceeds from every bottle purchased to non-profits supporting our communities. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this.  What a spectacular company.  Do you enjoy Kombucha? What are some of the brands you’ve tried? If you do not know what Kombucha it’s a fermented tea with many health benefits. But it has to be produced properly. The benefits such as probiotics, antioxidants that can kill harmful bacteria and help prevent future diseases from harming your body. Go out and try Brew Dr. Kombucha, stay away from the other brands that are full of sugar! Hope you all had a spectacular Easter.

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xoxo,Frilancy Hoyle