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Dreaming of Mondays

According to sites like most about 43% of Americans nationwide want to be out of the workforce and into an entrepreneur style life. Most people see the perks yet fail to see the sacrifice. It is not uncommon when out and about in downtown Seattle to hear the skinny on what some deem as their dreams and how they plan on executing them.
Come back the following week and the pen hasn’t dripped a drop of ink. This leads me to my Monday.

Usually Mondays are dreaded by most 9 to 5 style career doers. It all depends on where you are in your life and career. I take the start of my week of casual.

I rock a something comfy like my matching oatmeal from my Rabecca Onassis Boutique.

I found myself at Nordstrom this past week and scored these super comfy orange sneaks from Rag & Bone which I really am loving on my AM walks with Nshima. Not only are they stylish but they stand out in the city. In Seattle you either need a nice umbrella or a super good raincoat. My trench from Universal Standard does the job. A timeless trench coat featured in a forever classic, button-front design and longline silhouette for effortlessly elevated style from season to season. It will be worn until the sun comes back! Earings from Free People

I put my husband in some confident casual digs. Starting with his favorite hat brand Goorin Bros. He is rocking the newest fedora he got the Aw Shoot which he won’t stop talking about.  Staying fresh in his comfy mint sweater from Zara and paired with casual blue dress pants and trench, also a ZARA man style. Always seeing through his classic vintage Ray Bans



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See you dolls on the next post!

Xo – Fri

xoxo,Frilancy Hoyle

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