City Sweats

Hey there beautiful dolls! Just got back from Hawaii this past Thursday and I am already regretting coming back. Mikey and I were welcomed by rain, typical Seattle weather. 

Our vacation in Hawaii was much needed. The last time I was able to hit a reset button was the day before my wedding at City Sweats. If you live in Seattle and don’t know anything about City Sweats, you’re definitely missing out.

City Sweats is a multi-location company in the greater Seattle area that provides luxury spa services and medical spa treatments. They offer professional massage and many alternative therapies to melt away the stress of your day to day life. Need a reboot? Please book a treatment or spend the day there for a complete rejuvenation of your soul.

The day before my wedding I had honor of having the owner and founder along side her employees host my bridesmaids and I to an amazing spa day at their Wallingford location. Their other location is located in the Madison Park Neighborhood of Seattle.

My girlfriends and I were welcomed with the cutest City Sweats T-shirts, followed by ginger and charcoal shots. Definitely must haves before you start your detox healing. For our detox healing modalities my bridesmaids chose the sauna wrap, organic massage, and organic facial finished with lymphatic drainage. 

I spent most of my time sweating in my cabin getting myself mentally and physically ready for my wedding the following day. The relaxing music in the background really helped with my detoxification. I cannot forget to mention the outstanding customer service. We were checked on countless times without making it feel uncomfortable. 

They made sure we had water in each cabin and extended their hospitality unconditionally. After getting our sweat on, we went to the beach lounge to cool down. Which is my absolute favorite. In there we were greeted with pretty name tags assigned to our chairs. Served this amazing chilled tea along with alkaline water and delicious slices of fresh oranges. My body was extremely relaxed. I ended up taking a much needed 20 minute nap. My body couldn’t help but just relax.

For my future brides to be, I highly recommend booking an appointment with your bridal party or just by yourself. This detoxification is much needed before your big day. I promise you, this is an essential you will not regret.

Thank you so much Dee and your amazing stuff. I am forever grateful and humbled by your services. Wishing you guys an amazing year full of sweats.

xoxo,Frilancy Hoyle