Seattle, Washington

Girl Boss Plaid Suit

Good evening Dolls! So, do you remember when I made mention in my previous blog that this Fall and Winter season you’d be seeing me dressed to impress in imperious boss plaid suits? While I wasn’t fibbing. I seriously have been obsessing over these plaid suits. It is one of the must have trends this season and I am taking full advantage of it.

Last month I saw Gigi Hadid in a Pink R18 Fendi Plaid Pant Suit and she looked stunning. At that very moment, I knew I knew I had to get my hands on some like-minded apparel. Accepting the reality that I am currently an assiduous fashion blogger and can’t afford Fendi right now I did the best next thing. I made contact to my good friend and fashion designer Emmanuel Kasbit. Emmanuel is the talented man behind my show stopping suits that I wore during New York Fashion 2017. He is also well known in Nigeria for making the most fabulous contemporary men and womenswear clothing. I knew without a doubt that he would bring this Fendi suit to life for me.

I sent Emmanuel the picture of Gigi rocking the Fendi plaid pant suit, the next door he sent me pictures of different fabrics to choose from. All the fabrics were absolutely stunning and I got super overwhelmed because I couldn’t make up on which fabric to choose from. Finally, I selected the red and blue plaid print. I will blog about the blue plaid pant suit very soon. Also, Emmanuel was so amazing he even made me a third plaid pant suit as a surprise. Naturally I am so obsessed with each. The design is extremely haughty with a dash of sophistication that sets a precedence for any formal or informal occasion. I am very honored to have such a talented friend whom is so devoted and talented to his craft.

This red plaid pant suit is not your typical suit. When I put this suit on the first words that comes out of my mouth are “GIRL BOSS”. This red suit had me feeling myself. Every time I wear my red plaid pant suit I feel like I can conquer the world and NOBODY can tell me otherwise. Besides, I can also wear my blazer as a dress. Yes, you heard that right, my suit can also be worn as a dress. Since my blazer is long Emmanuel added a detachable belt where I can tie my blazer and wear it as a dress. I’ve been contemplating styling it with my Marc Fisher black over the knee (OTK) boots. Very simple yet remaining classy.

This red plaid pant suit is definitely a timeless creation. I cannot wait to share my other plaid suits that Emmanuel has produced for me. As for now I invite you to enjoy this Girl Boss Red Plaid Pant Suit. I’d love to hear what you think. I have been playing with creating my own design and selling it through the boutique. As always thanks for coming along and stay tuned for the next blog.

Photographer: Stephen Klise

xoxo,Frilancy Hoyle