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How To Style A Fanny Pack

 I have never been one to jump on a bandwagon because everyone else is. If you are like me and always know what’s trending, than you’d definitely know about Fanny packs.

Even if you don’t know anything about them I am sure you have seen them EVERYWHERE and or remember the One Man Wolfpack.

Men’s fashion is so sequenced that it can be gone one day and back the next , it has a way of going and coming back around again. This is exactly what’s happening with Fanny packs.

In a weird way I am actually loving them. Never thought I would find them swank but they actually come super handy but yet stylish.

Let’s just say that this past weekend I gave in and bought myself a one. It’s not just any Fanny Pack, it’s actually a $14.90 Fanny pack. Don’t worry about the cost lovely dolls  I refuse to invest a lot of money into a item I am super hesitant about.

There is so many ways you can style this super inexpensive faux suede Fanny pack. For this look I decided to style it more casual by pairing it with striped split hip-huggers, tucked in my Striped Color-block Turtleneck Sweater. And last minute lifting my hubbys Levi’s denim jacket. It’s definitely made this look a little bit edgy. Who else loves stealing pieces in their hubbys closet? In my next blog post I will show you lovely dolls how I styled my Fanny pack with a floral maxi dress. Who else is loving this trend?

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