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Levi's Jeans

Lets Discuss Denim

Lets talk about JEANS. It is very seldom that I wear some fine dungarees, but when I do I choose only first-class denim. Levi’s jeans are of the highest quality and my goto.

Over the years I tried different brands of jeans, nothing really contoured for my body type the way Levi’s do. I know many of you ladies might relate to this but when it comes to shopping for quality denim it can be a huge hassle.

My Judy aka (Mama) blessed me with a voluptuous derrière. A blessing and a curse due to the availability to find jeans that fit just right. Its hard because my waist is small, I have curtailed legs and I am also built with a short upper torso. Its either the jeans fits my rump perfectly or my waist just swims in them and the bottom is too big. Nothing ever fits appropriately.  Everything changed three years ago when I tried on my first pair of Levi’s jeans. I tried on different styles but the ones that felt custom made for my body type were 721 high rise skinny Levis Jeans. These jeans are EVERYTHING.

I Love the way they show off my figure and yet still forgiving on days when I am not feeling so hot. They’re extremely stretchy and comfortable. I now own them in almost every color. Please don’t judge me.  In addition you can easy dress them up or down.  The other style of Levi Jeans I love are 711 in Skinny and Super Skinny. You definitely cannot go wrong with either 721 or 711 Levis Jeans. What are your favorite goto brand of jeans?

Outfit Details:

721 Levi’s Jeans: Here

711 Levi’s Jeans: Here

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Mustard Plunging Ribbed Knit Bodysuit: Here

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xoxo,Frilancy Hoyle