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NYFW 2017 – Day Two

So here we are taking care of some of our last week preparations for NYFW 2017 and Mikey and I are enjoying a beautiful day in Seattle. My husband is practically a zombie until he gets his daily dose of Java. So, we ended up stopping at a local coffee shop called Victrola off Pike.

I quickly remembered that Visette Boutique was in the area and to my surprise it was right across the street. This place is a cute. A modern presentation when you enter with a great variety of pieces to appraise. Owner Visal is an absolute treat to work with. Very educated and friendly.

After I picked some things I liked I wanted to see what they looked like because we all know every piece looks different from rack to body. I was extremely impressed when Visal had her personal assistant cater to my needs while trying on some wardrobes.

I ended up selecting the blush skirt by Justicia Ruano, a Spanish Couture Designer from Spain. I loved this particular piece because I am able to use it with many other concepts. It can be dressed up and it can be dressed down.

After dipping my toes into my first look I had to continue down the rabbit hole.

After much digging I stumbled upon this stunning daisy yellow dress with a pleasing floral pattern.

Exquise accompanied this dress with pockets for the girl on the go I must admit I am fascinated with this piece.

After completing my experience, I assumed I was content with my selections until out of the corner of my eye I spotted a citrus lime gown showcasing a statement ribbon on the waist side.

Again, we were spoiled with pockets! I knew I had to have this rare piece in my wardrobe. However, being petite I had to get my dress hemmed, and with one day left before my flight I had called in a favor to my friend and couture designer Lisa Marie. Perfect!

Accidents can turn into magical adventures. Every garment I chose came to NYFW with me and I was absolutely dazzled throughout the entire trip. Check out the shots and take a trip to Visette Boutique the next time you’re in Seattle.

Photographer: Michelle Terris

Dresses: Visette Boutique

xoxo,Frilancy Hoyle
  1. JuDith Kalum Onassis

    May the Lord God grant you the desires of your heart. Don’t giver up . One day your work will be paid off . Remember whose child you are . You have come a long way. God is not blind. He is seeing.
    Will forever support your good works.
    You are beautiful and Iam proud to be your mother .
    Love you and your supportive hubby.

    • frilancy

      Thank you so much mom. This means alot coming from you,especially today. God knew I needed to read this comment from you tonight. Will always do my best to make you proud. So blessed to have you and Mikey. You guys love and support means the world to me. Love you forever and always <3

  2. Bambie

    These Dresses Are AMAZING ❤️The Daisy Yellow Dress Is My Favorite 🖤

    • frilancy

      I know right. I have a hard time picking my favorite one because they’re all so beautiful and so different. <3