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One Stop Holiday Gift Hunt at Nordstrom’

I am not really sure about what everyone else does during the holidays, but I absolutely love seeing all the new warm wear that comes out. This year I decided to swing into Nordstrom and go a little risky with pairing a chunky red turtleneck with a cute silky green skirt. Some holiday shopping at the right place can always be a cure to the winter blues. I completed this look with over the knee Steve Madden boots and mini hoop earrings

I enjoy going to a place where I know I can get everyone on my list something. Mikey ended up getting some cute stuff for his family and also picked up some new releases like this plaid overcoat which pairs well with this festive green corduroy shirt. He found some new TopMan skinny fit trousers that went well with these black Chelsea boots. We had gone back and forth between the grey and the black. After many deliberations and even getting half of the floor staff to weigh in on the look, the black ones took the cake. No matter what you’re looking for you’re sure to find it during their holiday sale. 

We ended up getting a lot more than we anticipated because the prices have dropped so much. It was so nice to see all the discounts and price matches. I am not sure about Nordstrom’s official policies on being naughty or nice, but they seemed to have given me some leniency at the checkout. I was able to get myself some new outfits and secure all my holiday gift shopping. 

Shop Our Entire Looks Below:

Turnback Cuff Turtleneck Sweater: Here

Side Sash Midi Skirt: Here

Mini Hoop Earrings: Here

Over-The Knee Boots: Here

Skinny Fit Trousers: Here

Cord Check Shirt: Here

Trim Fit Plaid Overcoat: Here

Black Suede Chelsea Boots: Here

Photographer: Ren Cabasa

*Thank you Nordstrom for sponsoring this blog post. All opinions are my own.*

xoxo,Frilancy Hoyle