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Abercrombie & Fitch Holiday Haul

This year I try to envision what I will show up wearing at the Holiday dinners. Although I am not fazed by the cold as Mikey is, I still love to dress warm for the holidays. The emerald city has turned breezy and cold this November and I for one am excited to show you the gifts we got for each other at Abercrombie &…

Holiday Family Photo Ideas

Holiday Post Card

I know we are not the only ones to sit and obsess over what we are going to send our out-of-state friends and family during the holidays. This year, with everything going on we decided to go explore Nordstrom to create some holiday love via our own post card. Mikey and I wanted to showcase Seattle’s current climate and season….

Saly, Senegal
Fall Outfit Ideas 2020

His & Hers Fall Style

Never underestimate a bargain hunt. We thumbed through all of Nordstrom’s offerings and found some favorites. Mikey went berserk when he stumbled upon this all black Top Man Black Men’s Skinny Fitted Suit, he decided to switch up the style by lacing up the look with some Dr. Martens. A portrayal to a city dweller vibe….

It is undeniable that we are shifting seasons. As I sit here on a breezy night in Senegal I am so happy I stopped by Walmart before I left to pickup some Fall gear. 

My No Boundaries denim hoody is so nice on

these night walks. The way it styles really has me feeling like I have truly have no borders in which I cannot cross….

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Shoe Collection

Extra Extra! I’ve created so many new looks for you that are irresistible and ready for your wardrobe. Mikey and I have been transforming our closets lately. With Nordstrom’s all new ready to wear pieces at our fingertips, we were able to create a Fall variety cheat sheet for even those last-minute invites.I had to snatch up my season staple jackets,…

We made it past Labor Day and I cannot tell you how excited I am to change up some of my wardrobe. My Mikey and I have been looking around for some new boots. Walmart has so any new options they’ve added to their shopping experience and let me be the first to line up….