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What to Wear to a Baby Shower

Good evening dolls!
Wow what a fabulous weekend that Mikey and I had. Saturday, our friends Lisa and Christoph got married in Poulsbo, Washington, in the presence of a vary intimate and private gathering. It was beyond beautiful. Sunday, we attended the most enduring and organic baby shower for our good friend Sica in Sequim Washington….

I never thought in a million years that I would be sharing my natural hair journey. It wasn’t until three weeks ago that I started embracing my natural hair. Like many of you lovely dolls, I grew up with my hair being permed all the time. Unfortunately, my Mother wasn’t well educated about the long-term effects of perming my hair….

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Spring Wedding Guest Outfit

Hello! A happy Monday to you dolls. I expect you had a fabulous weekend celebrating Mother’s Day with the special woman in your life. As for me, I am super excited for this coming Saturday. My friend Lisa is getting married. She is actually hosting two separate wedding celebrations. One here in Washington and the second one in Austria next month….

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Cape Cod Jumpsuit

Happy Humpday loves. The past few days I have been receiving an amazing amount of positive feedback about my first public appearance wearing my natural hair. 
I am beyond grateful for the love and support. It’s something that I have struggled with. I will get more into details in another blog post….

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When I first met Frilancy she was newly 22 years young. Now my wife. And we have accumulated a compilation of memories. I get asked a lot if I knew my wife would be African, did I prefer her over another or if this was my type. The answer simply is,…

Behind the Bold | Handcrafted Headwear
Take me back to 2015 when I first came into a Goorin Brothers. I paused; I knew what I was feeling. It was inspiration. I was in the presence of quality craftsmanship. Having a husband who has an affinity for hats is only the beginning of this journey….