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Progress Not Perfection

Hi lovely Dolls! Hope you are having a spectacular week. I know everything on social media seems be picture perfect. But does your day to day reality measure up? Lately I have been struggling with my career passage. I am sure many of you can relate. It’s really been a challenge internally not to compare myself to other people and their seemingly effortless growth.

As I browse through social circles, I see old classmates and friends having kids, purchasing homes and having great careers. Not to confuse my admiration with envy, I find it amazing to see how great everyone is doing, and I find it inspiring. But being true to my internal energy it has me struggling between fashion blogging, trying to make my online boutique grow and debating whether to go back to school or not.  Many of you might not know but after graduating high school I was in college majoring in Dental. I was an excellent student, but I wasn’t passionate about it. I chose the medical field to make my Mother happy. African parents want you to be in the medical field or else you are nothing in life to them. 

My passion will always be for fashion. There’s something about fashion that ignites my soul. I possess the ability of creating unique outfits that are remarkable in my head and translating that into a reality. In addition, I have always wanted to be my own boss and have multiple businesses that I can command.Almost five years ago, I made the decision to withdrawal out of college and pursue my dreams. The most difficult and best decision I ever made for myself. Each decision faces a lot of obstacles and I still navigate them day to day. My optimism keeps me determined not to give up on my dreams, paired by the support of my amazing husband I feel there is no way I cannot achieve my destiny.

Sometimes I am my own biggest critic, especially these days. I feel like I should have already had something fully established and making great income. However, I am currently a starving artist. I was feeling really low this week and almost wanted to throw in the towel on my blog and boutique. Just before heading to bed last night, I decided to check my email. I opened an email from a professor name Justin. In the email he asked “Are you interested in speaking to a University of Washington class this spring about being an influencer and working with brands? Please let me know and we can talk about details! Justin”. I was in disbelief at timing, this email was meant for me. I closed out of it and checked my other email, to only find this email “We would like to invite you to our “Girlfriends and Champagne” Women Empowerment Brunch. Saturday March 16th from 11am – 3pm at the Seattle Marriott waterfront. We are inviting you to speak as a guest on our panel. We have researched influential people in Seattle, and we feel you fit what our company represents at our brunches.” I started laughing because I thought God was playing jokes on me. Unfortunately, he was not. Every time I feel like giving up he always finds ways to remind me why I shouldn’t give up and to just keep on pushing. The next day this gorgeous Zara yellow suit came in. Immediately I tried it on and felt unstoppable. Went straight to the bathroom, started doing my makeup and hair. Two long hours later Michael and I went and captured it. This power suit got me fired up and ready to conquer everything that comes way. 

It’s ok to feel down but just don’t stay there too long. Better days are coming. You are not alone on this journey. Everyone is fighting battles in their own journey that we know nothing about. No matter how tough things are right now, don’t give up on what God has planted inside of you. Most importantly DO NOT give up on yourself. See you on the next blog post. 

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Photographer: Michael P. Hoyle


xoxo,Frilancy Hoyle

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  3. Kadeidra Hootsell

    I was just randomly searching for a suit to wear to my first pop up shop and ran across your blog. You just don’t know what type of fire your have lit inside of me with your post. Thanks for this !

  4. Shirley

    Hi – thanks for sharing. This was captivating and inspiring. I’m particularly excited to know you are in Seattle!!!! Bravo! Good things come when we least expect them. Thank you for reminding me not to give up 🙂 I’d made a determination recently to keep on at it. x

  5. Suzy

    Thank you for writing this! I was searching for some inspiration and came across your blog. What a breathe of fresh air and motivating. In the second guessing of all my career choices I feel as though I was meant to discover this piece to help keep me going. Well done, and thank you for your work. The suit is kick ass btw! I’m going to have to get myself a power suit now.. lol

  6. Florence

    je veux cette ensemble jaune moutard en taille 36 merci