Edmonds, Washington

I Said Yes To My Bridesmaids Dresses

Since New York Fashion Week is a thing of the past I have begun shifting my focus on planning my dream wedding. Yes, wedding planning is now in full effect. Our official date is September 2nd, 2018. Needless to say I have been organizing everything.  Eleven months is not that far off when there are so many things on the list to complete.

Working with all my family and loved ones can be cumbersome at times. I love my people but they always seem to work on their own time. I call it APT (African People Time). I have decided to not hire a wedding planner but I will definitely hire a wedding coordinator for the day of. What Do Day-Of-Wedding Coordinators Do? They make sure that everyone is where they should be and they maintain the schedule and keep all operations flowing smoothly.

Unlike a wedding planner, whom is in charge of all decisions and activities throughout the wedding-planning process. A day-of-wedding coordinator focuses only on wedding day assistance. In the coming months leading up to my wedding I will be sharing my wedding preparations with you lovely dolls. For my previous brides please feel free to share any tips or advice with me. Would absolutely appreciate your help.

Yesterday I said yes to my bridesmaid’s dresses, during my visit to Nadia’s Evening in Edmonds, Washington.  Perhaps it is because I have worked with her before and she knows my style or it could be that she is just the best at reading what I need. It also could be that she knows I am not your typical bride. I know what I want. I am kind of borderline a bridezilla but a nice one.

Before I could make a final decision on my bridesmaid dress I had to try on a few styles myself. I knew I found the right dress for my girls when I didn’t want to take it off. This dress made me feel sexy but yet elegant. Sadly, you will have to wait until next year to find out. In addition, it was very important to me to find the perfect show stopper bridesmaid dress for my girls. I personally hate it when I see brides looking gorgeous on their wedding day and their bridesmaids are dressed in basic dress.

I also believe bridesmaids should not be wearing different styles and colors of dresses. I cannot forget to mention the different hairstyles, makeup, shoes and jewelry. Sorry but not sorry, I find it very tacky. My bridesmaids are a reflection of me. There is no Michelle or Kelly. Every one of my girls will be a Beyoncé.  I can’t wait to celebrate my special day with my amazing girls that I love and respect. I am sure many of you are wondering who are the beautiful bridesmaids. Stay tuned to the next wedding blog post and you will get to meet these beautiful women that I love and respect very much.

xoxo,Frilancy Hoyle
  1. S in seattle

    Smoking. That lilac dress is TDF – if it lost out I can’t wait to see what you chose!