Tacoma, WA

Skater Skirt + Over The Knee Boots

There are so many different ways to style skater skirts, let me explain how. Over the years I have collected too many skater skirts. It’s one of those pieces that will never go out of style. This stripe ruffle skater skirt is one of my favorites that own.. Scored it from Express last year. I was supposed to rock it during New York Fashion Week, like always I ended up with too many clothes and never got the chance.. Funny thing is that I still had tags attached until yesterday.
Finally brought out this beauty to play. Had fun styling it with this fuchsia blouse. This gorgeous blouse was sent to me by Nigerian designer Mary-Grace. Absolutely love the gold button details and the crisscross tie details in the front. Got so many compliments on this blouse. This is the third time Mary-Grace has sent me pieces from her collections. Feel like every design she creates she has me in mind. To finish off my look, I throw on my grey over the knee boots and crossbody bag. By the way I scored these boots for only $35 at Seattle Premium Outlet. Unfortunately they’re $86 online. Still an amazing deal from original price of $125.
In addition today I conquered my biggest fear. I have always been afraid of learning how to swim. I recently told my friend Hannah that I want to learn how to swim before I turn 27. I get jealous when I see my siblings and Mikey swimming. They make it look so effortless and peaceful. I have let fear hold me back from a lot of things. But NO MORE.
Today my friend Hannah’s Father took me swimming. I wanted to make up every excuse in the world to get out of it but I could not. Honored with private lessons for over an hour. Hannah was cheering me on. Her Father made feel so comfortable and at peace. Before I knew it I was floating, kicking, doing things I never thought I could do. I am still in shock but most importantly I am freaking proud of myself. I cannot wait for my next swimming session. What is something you are trying to accomplish, but fear is holding you back?

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