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How To Wear A Oversized Denim Jacket


Happy Sunday Dolls! I hope your day was has been livelier than mine. I’m am sort of feeling melancholy because our Seattle Seahawks took a loss to Washington Redskins. They had me at the edge of my seat the entire game, this game almost gave me a heart attack. Believe it or not I am a very big sports fanatic, don’t let the girly-girl exterior get it twisted. I absolutely love sports, especially football and basketball. However, I am not enjoying the NBA as I used to. Lately I find college basketball more enjoyable than the NBA because I feel like they’re creating super teams and college keeps it about the game in regard to the individual. Anyways, enough about sports let’s talk about this oversized distressed denim jacket from Rabecca Onassis Boutique.

I am all about reclaiming within my closet. This oversized denim jacket is the perfect transition piece into our beautiful Autumn season. In my previous post, I styled it very casual by pairing it up with my black jumpsuit, superstar Adidas and my black bamboo bag.

You can read more of the post here. An easy spruce up by buttoning down my jacket by adding a brown Tommy Hilfiger belt, blanket scarf, and oversized mirror sunglasses complimented with a black cross-body chain bag and to make my outfit pop. I polished my look off with my velvet Bordeaux over-the-knee boots. These particular boots are definitely a must have in the closet for Fall & Winter season. They come in a couple different colors just so you can plan the perfect seasonal look. Stay warm, but most importantly stay fashionable!

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