Wedding Makeup

            Hey Dolls!

Hope everyone had a fantastic Thanksgiving with your loved ones or solo. I don’t know about y’all lovely dolls but I have so much to be thankful for.

Everyday that I am alive is considered a blessing. Besides I get to enjoy this thing called ‘life’ with my best friend and lover. Got some exciting news, Monday we finally got our wedding pictures back!

Oh my goodness. It has felt like Christmas. I cannot stop looking through our wedding photos. It brought back so many beautiful memories. Wished I could rewind 8/31/18.

This was such a special and unforgettable day for Mikey and I. All those long nights, penny saving paydays and sacrifices were absolutely worth it.

However, I am so glad that we don’t have to worry about it anymore. For the next blog posts get ready to hear about all things wedding.

Don’t worry I know it’s the holidays, so I will throw in few holiday blog posts here and there. First wedding blog post will be about makeup.

Like I said in my previous wedding post… I am NOT your traditional bride. Thank God I have amazing girlfriends who were just down to support me any way possible and did exactly what I requested them to do.

After all it was my wedding day and wanted all eyes on me. But I also knew I had to make sure my girls were looking fabulous also. My girlfriends are also a reflection of me and I love them to death.

I searched high and low for talented makeup artists around Seattle. I cannot even remember how many makeup trials had and how much money I wasted for these trials. Initially I was looking for two makeup artists. One to cover my caucasian girlfriends and the second one to cover my African American girlfriends including myself.

Everyone I checked out wasn’t meeting my standards. I absolutely refused to settle for anything but fabulousness. I required full glam makeup for myself and my bridesmaids.

Basically beat to the Gods. I had my eyes really set on this makeup artist, went for my makeup trial and I freaking hated it. Took pictures and sent to my family to see what they thought of it and lord the feedback I got was exactly how I felt. My sister who doesn’t hold anything back was like “take that sh*t off, you are better off doing your own makeup”.

Immediately I started stressing the hell out because I was three weeks away from my wedding day and I still hadn’t found two makeup artists I was looking for. Not even a single one met my standard.

My sister put on her hero cape and showed out taking matters into her own hands.

Don’t even remember how many makeup artists portfolio she sent me. She was almost about to give up also until she remembered a well known makeup artist from Michigan where we grew up.

Rabbecca sent me Ideas portfolio and I knew within three seconds that she was going to be my makeup artist. Ten minutes later I was on the phone talking to Idea. She agreed to not only do my makeup but also my bridesmaids makeup.

The next few days I was tracking down flight tickets. Finally found one and booked it. Believe it or not it was actually cheaper for me to fly in a makeup artist out of state than working with a makeup artist in Seattle, who does basic work.

Idea was a dream come true. Her makeup style was everything that I was looking for. She arrived Thursday morning and left Friday night during our reception. The day of my wedding she got up at 5am and started working on my first bridesmaids. She did seven bridesmaids, myself and three other family members makeup. I kid you not everyones Makeup looked straight out of a vogue magazine.

Most importantly she had everyone looking gorgeous before the ceremony even began. No makeup trail or anything and still nailed it. I would highly recommend Idea to every future bride. She is absolutely professional and a blast to work with. Just look at the pictures and judge for yourselves. This is what you call a true talented makeup artist.

Makeup Artist: Idea Bickham

xoxo,Frilancy Hoyle