Hello sweet friends!

Welcome to “the new” FrisCloset.com

The wait is finally OVER! My hard work and diligence has finally taken form. I am proud to announce the relaunch of Fris Closet. I wanted to create an online experience that felt like you were literally able to peruse through my closet virtually.

There are so many new lovely features I am excited to share with you all. The Shoe Collection is probably one of my favorite because it allows you to filter posts by the style of shoes giving you some options on how you can style the same shoes a different way. I am also proud to announce that with this relaunch I have also launched my digital storefront Rebecca Onassis Boutique  accessible for all clients.  Offering a lot of fabulous quality pieces and selecting unique styles.

You will have an array of outfits to choose from with my detailed style in mind, it isn’t about the amount of product you can choose, but choosing the right product. In celebration of my website relaunch online I have decided to offer 20% off on all orders (like this lovely dress) to everyone who has supported and continues to support Fris Closet. Use code : THANKYOU during your checkout.

Thank you all for your incredible support! I hope you love the new Fris Closet as much as I do. Let me know what you think of the new websites. Your feedback is of utmost importance because I want to make sure the experience is as enjoyable for you as it is for me. So many wonderful things coming soon and I cannot wait to share it with you. Make sure you’re following me so you don’t miss out on all the adventures and exclusive content.


Photographer: Stephen Klise 

Hairstylist: Ana Hardison


xoxo,Frilancy Hoyle

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  1. Louisa

    Love the new look and feel of your revamped website. Navigation is super easy and everything flows nicely.

    • frilancy

      Thank you so much Louisa, means alot coming from you. I absolutely love and adore you doll 🙂

  2. Cathy Adams

    Since I first met you and your family on your wedding day, I was a fan! I love seeing you evolve online and can’t wait to see what else God has in store for you!

    • frilancy

      awww Cathy bless your heart. Mikey and I loved you ever since we met. Your love and means the world. It’s keep me going 🙂

  3. Gillian

    Great job young lady! Super proud of you and your hard work! It will sure pay off! Blessings!

    • frilancy

      Thank you! Its slowly paying off. Can’t wait to see whats in store for me this year and the future 🙂

  4. ELIZABETH Ogunbodede

    Welldone. Frilancy proud of you keep dreaming big the site wow beautiful💞💞💞💃👍

    • frilancy

      Thank you so much for your love and support 🙂

  5. Margaret59 mukula

    Well done much dearest. You don’t such a marvelous job. Your outfits are really gorgeous. Keep it up. So proud of your hard work

    • frilancy

      Thank you so much auntie Margaret, hope to keep on making you and the family proud <3

  6. Maria

    I seriously love this dress!

    • frilancy

      Me too doll. You definitely need this piece in your closet. <3