Daith Piercing

What Helps With Migraines

Yesterday I shared with you guys about my struggle with migraines. I was extremely shocked to find out how many of you suffer with migraines also. Thank you for all the amazing advice and recommendations. I received a lot of direct messages in my inbox’s and emails about Daith Piercings. And how this simple remedy can help aleviate migraines. After many hours of doing my searching I decided to get a Daith piercing today. At this point in my life I am willing do to and try anything to make this pain go away.  It’s becoming very uncomfortable to live a normal life. I was very fortunate to having a tattoo & piercing shop down the street from my condo in Belltown, Seattle. Cata from Dzul took excellent care of me. She educated me about Daith piercings and made feel very relaxed throughout the entire process. However, I have to be honest the piercing was very painful. Keep in mind I do have four tattoos and four piercings but this one was very painful. I am keeping my fingers crossed and praying that this Daith piercing helps with my painful migraines. It was $30 to get the Daith piercing and $160 for my cage. My cage was expensive because I can only wear real gold since my skin is sensitive. Plus, gold looks fabulous against my skin complexion. I will keep you guys updated. 

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